Rebranding - Canyon Hills High School


New Name, New Look, Same PRIDE.


One year ago, a group of students petitioned the school and the school district to re-brand Serra High School. That student-led initiative began a collaborative conversation with staff, district officials, community members, and alumni. Born out of this collaborative process was a rebranding survey asking if the brand should remain or change.  Each stakeholder group was given an opportunity to voice their opinions about possible rebranding and suggestions for a change. 

The results of that survey were given to the San Diego Unified School District’s Naming Committee. In collaboration with students and local tribal communities, the naming committee submitted its recommendation to the board. On Tuesday, March 9th, the SDUSD Board of Education announced that Serra High School’s new brand will be Canyon Hills High School, home of the Rattlers with the new colors of red and black.

In the fall of 2021, Serra High School will open as Canyon Hills High School, and the first of many generations of Rattlers will walk these halls. As we move forward as CHHS, know that we are not erasing our history, but we are adding to it. We are currently working on creating a “legacy room,” where our 40+ years of history will be proudly on display, rather than tucked away in a dusty yearbook. Our legacy room will be a place where everyone in our learning community can celebrate the Conquistadors who came before us, and the Rattlers that will be our future. Future students may be donning Red and Black, but our Brown and Gold heritage will always play a role in who we are.  

We know that you will have many of questions about the rebranding process. Keep an eye on the Principal's blog in the coming weeks. Our rebranding will not happen overnight, and the Principal's blog will be our primary means of keeping you in the loop.


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